Flexible and robust solutions for all your audiobook needs.
Sell your audiobooks, distribute with others or work with us in partnership. 
It is not a rocket science, yet we have the rocket.

The Rocket

Earthy E-Shop

Powerful system with many boost-ups.

Radiating Mobile Apps

Android & iOS apps with plenty stars.

Space Programme

Loyalty, referral or affiliate on board.

Cloud Hosting

The best meet-up place for all data.

System Integrations

All the toys connected well.

NASAlike Support

You don’t have to care. We do.


You have questions, it has answers.


Numbers that mean the world.


All knobs and buttons you ever need.

Content Management

Because content matters.

The Hub

Do you know how your stars sell? How people rate them? What people think and write about them? What people buy the most?

Knowledge is the the king. Knowing what is happening, where and when. Waiting a month for a feedback is not good enough.

That is why we built the hub.

Are the sales going well? How many subscribers did we get today? Are we getting enough traction?

Whatever you need to know is just one click away. Not a light-year nor a month. Right now.

Selling audiobooks is not a rocket science. But you need to fly the rocket when you want to reach the stars.




  • Our Rocket
  • Your Content
  • Your Customers
  • Your Universe

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  • Our Rocket
  • Your Content
  • Our Customers
  • Our Universe

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  • Joint Rocket
  • Everyone’s Content
  • Joint Customers
  • Joint Galaxy

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